Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visit and learn how to prohibit unsolicited email (spam). Describe how your privacy is protected.

How to prohibit unsolicited email (spam) ?
>> Read carefully when filling out online forms requesting your e-mail address, and exercise your choice.
>> Use firewall softwares e.g .. Barracuda spam filter
>> Use spam filtering service e.g.. Outlook 2003 Junk e-mail filter
>> Use multiple e-mail addresses. Short e-mail addresses are easy to guess, and may receive more spam. A common user name such as jsmith will typically get more spam than a weird unique name such as jsm93x98.

How your privacy is protected?
>> To stop junk and to protect your privacy you need to control the information stored about you in these junk databases. Sometimes call cookies!
>> Do not purchase something over the Internet by using your mail with full name or do not publish your e-mail address on a website or do not subscribe to a news service and do not participate in news groups or mailing lists.

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