Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Visit and learn how to prohibit unsolicited email (spam). Describe how your privacy is protected.

How to prohibit unsolicited email (spam) ?
>> Read carefully when filling out online forms requesting your e-mail address, and exercise your choice.
>> Use firewall softwares e.g .. Barracuda spam filter
>> Use spam filtering service e.g.. Outlook 2003 Junk e-mail filter
>> Use multiple e-mail addresses. Short e-mail addresses are easy to guess, and may receive more spam. A common user name such as jsmith will typically get more spam than a weird unique name such as jsm93x98.

How your privacy is protected?
>> To stop junk and to protect your privacy you need to control the information stored about you in these junk databases. Sometimes call cookies!
>> Do not purchase something over the Internet by using your mail with full name or do not publish your e-mail address on a website or do not subscribe to a news service and do not participate in news groups or mailing lists.

Information literacy page 99 Web activities No 2..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

1.Cyber squatting

It is a derogatory term used to describe the practice of registering and claiming rights over Internet domain names that are, arguably, not for the taking. For example , is not maintained by Microsoft, but by professional domain name holding operations that illegally profit through the misuse of Microsoft’s intellectual property.

2. Go to OPAC IIUM, find three books from Law, Human Science and Technology. Get the call numbers and ISBN numbers....


Title Local Remedies in International Law by C.F.Amerasinghe( ISBN 0949009792 , Call no d61k2315A94l )
Title Statistics for Lawyers by Michael O. Finkelstein ( ISBN 03879136X , Call no QA276. 12F499 )
Title Mass Media Law by Dan R. Pember ( ISBN 0697030199 , Call no D18 KD53P394 )


Title The Human Polity by Kay Lawson ( ISBN 0395824532 , Call no JA66L425H )
Title Human Resource Management Review [Serials] ( Greenwich , ISSN 1053-4822 , Call no j HF5549 2U5H918J )
Title Fundamental Laws of Human Behavior by Meyer ( ISBN 0415101654 , Call no BF199M613F )


Title Network Management Strategies by Stefano Robotti ( ISBN 092769553 , Call no TK5101 1R660N )
Title Informal Technology by Nancy D. Lane & Margaret E. Chisholm ( ISBN 0816119082 , Call no Z678. 9143L )
Title Libraries/ Technology and Information Market by Richard De Gennoro ( ISBN 0816118558 , Call no Z674.4D278 )

3. Explore Bro. Asmady blog and tell me at least three things you like about his blog....

First, his blog is very useful for the students because we can download notes and we can see our results.
Second, the color of the blog is very attractive and there is also “shout session”. You must log in to shout.
Third, the tabs are also attractive and there are lots of photos.

4. Name the URL for Kulliyah of ICT.

5.Go to CFS library, find 10 books that categorized under red spot collections..
1) Principles of Genetics (3rd edition) by D. Peter Sanustad & Michael J. Simmons
2) Experimental Organic Chemistry by Daniel R. Palleras
3) Fundamentals of College Algebra (11th edition) by Earl W. Swokowski & Jeffery A. Cole
4) Precalculus (7th edition) by Michanel Sullivan
5) Biology Concepts and Connections ( 3rd edition) by Neil A. Campell & Jane B.Reece
& Lawrence G. Mitchell
6) Introduction to Internet (7th edition)
7) Physical Chemistry by Thomas Engel & Philip Reid
8) Physics Contemporary College (3rd edition) by Dr. Edwin Janes & Dr. Richard Childers
9) Calculus (4th edition) by James Stewart
10) Introduction Statistics (5th edition) by Perm S. Mann

Monday, December 15, 2008


Comparing Products by using Porter’s Force Model

Comparing products by using Porter’s competitive force model.
Porter’s competitive force model was created by Michael Porter’s since 1985. Nowadays, many big companies using this model to develop strategies in order to improved their business and increased their competitive edge. There are 5 major forces that can become harm to the company listed below:

The threat of entry of new competitor.
The bargaining power of suppliers.
The bargaining suppliers of customers(buyers).
The threat of substitute products or services.
The rivalry among existing firms in the industry.


Nowadays, there are a lot of products produced by many countries depends on their style, culture and civilization. In economic field, there are a lot of competitors too competing each others products. For example, Myanmar and foreign products are really different. Thus, most of the foreign products are able to enter to the market easily because the local people might want to use the foreign products. This case deals with the porter’s first force.

Secondly, since the prices of foreign products can investigate at online means that it is easy to compare the clothes of local and foreign. Because some of the clothes are imported by other countries so the price might be different. But the customers can survey first at online. This case deals with the porter’s second force.

Thirdly, the companies increase a buyer’s access to information about products and suppliers so the customers can trust them. They can save the time and money and they can decide which one they should buy. In this ways, the internet greatly increases customer’s bargaining power. And this case deals with the porter’s third force.

These days, the popular thing among the business fields is copying or substituting the products for example Giordano, I-max. Some of the companies emulate other companies’ products with same brand and same style. So, the customers should aware of that. To overcome that, the customers should investigate at online. This case deals with the porter’s fourth force.

Lastly, there are a lot of rivalry in business too because of the fewer differences of the products among the competitors. For example, the popular name among the clothes brand are I-max and Giordano. It is difficult to keep secret on internet about the clothes products. If you don’t mention it, the customers will not know about your products. So, this case deals with the porter’s five force.

In brief, as a big company in this industry we have to make a strategy by using this five Porter’s competitive force model. This model will help and show you the best way to become a very successful company in the world.

Monday, December 1, 2008

This is very cool movie! After i have watched this movie, i was a little sad. Actually it is the best movie i had ever watched! The two main characters in the movie are Ali and Zahra. Their parents are poor. The themes in the movie are most about the characters.
Firstly, eventhough Ali and Zahra are poor, they are superb students in their class. Secondly, eventhough they found Zahra's shoes wearing by Zahra's schoolmate but they are afraid to get it back because her family situation is worse than theirs. According to this case, we can know that they have sympathy. Lastly, their parents are poor but they do not misuse the sugar given to them from the mosque. And they are very kind on the neighbours.
In my opinion, they acted very well. They dont have bad point to tell.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Information means someone got something from somewhere. Without imformation, we cannot develop our country. It is also useful in criminal problems. For example if there is some kidnap problems, without information or clues we cannot trace the kidnapers. And another example is that if we make a business so we must have all information about this business. That's why information is very important for everything especially for human!